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Taurus Elliptical cross trainer

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Movement quality

The movement quality of an elliptical cross trainer is decisive for a comfortable experience while exercising. Elliptical cross trainers of a high movement quality are more silent and run smoother, i.e.. Balance mass, transmission ratio, ball bearings as well as quality of material and workmanship are important features of the movement quality of an elliptical cross trainer.

Movement quality

Training space

Choose your elliptical cross trainer according to the given floor space.

Space requirement (length)

Type of use

The type of use includes intensity, duration, and frequency of use, i.e.. Solely elliptical cross trainers marked as professional are suitable for gyms. Those machines are also optimal for intensive home use, because they are best in quality of material and workmanship as well as stability, and durability.

Semi-professional elliptical cross trainers are suitable for ambitious home users. Due to their high loadability, easy operation, and joint-gentle movement, they are also used at hotels, clubs, company's facilities, and for therapy.

Range of application


Some elliptical cross trainers of our range of products are especially designed for high loads. Elliptical cross trainers of a high loadability are also great for ambitious home use, because they are of a very high stability and high-quality workmanship.

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The Taurus elliptical cross trainers of the X-Serie have very compact set-up dimensions despite the flywheel built-in in front. The Taurus X10.5, the top model, is suitable for professional use. Its low step-through and clear touch screen display are very user-friendly and also suitable for beginners. Read more down
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Sport-Tiedje puts each fitness equipment through its paces. Then our team of sports scientists, serious athletes, and service technicians of many years of experience evaluate the products of different categories. Compare easily the products using the Sport-Tiedje expert review and find your appropriate equipment.
The equipment of an elliptical cross trainer includes balance unit, brake system, training computer (display, programmes, etc.), and extras like transport wheels, book holders, etc.. A good equipment makes exercising more varied and more comfortable. Your workout becomes more effective with pulse measuring.
Innovation is a special criterion of the Sport-Tiedje elliptical cross trainer test rating. Here, we only rate equipment, which is characterized by technical innovations, which are really important for the further development of elliptical cross trainers. The higher the test rating of the elliptical cross trainer, the more advanced the development already is!
The balance unit consists of balance mass, pedal bearing, ball bearing, etc. and is very important for concentric run. Transmission ratio and stride length and stride width in combination with stride height contribute to a concentric run. When the elliptical cross trainer offers a good concentric run, exercising is very joint-gentle. Muscle activity is distinctively increased as well.
The stability of the crosstrainer is achieved by sturdy feet, high own weight, and a stable frame construction. A sturdy elliptical cross trainer is not only durable - it is stable even for challenging workout sessions and provides a higher weight load capacity.
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Taurus Elliptical cross trainer - Customer ratings

  • Taurus elliptical cross trainer X5.1

    DCC 30.12.2017 - Taurus elliptical cross trainer X5.1

    The Taurus X5.1 is sturdy and a strong machine,the stride 39 cm is just right for all of us including my two sons which is around 1.75-1.77 meters tall. The 10cm foot distance is perfect for a comfortable feel, no pressure on hips even after a full 30 minutes workout as per my daughter. For the looks, I really like the black carbon feel paint. Took me and my son around 30 minutes to asemble. Computer program has varied concept and adaptable. Machine is very quiet perfect for my domicile environment. Great for the whole family, so glad that we purchased the elliptical exercise machine. Overall, very satisfied, just hoping that it will last long as I purchased it just this month.

  • Taurus elliptical cross trainer X7.1

    Abraham Rubinstein 27.2.2017 - Taurus elliptical cross trainer X7.1

    This is my first elliptical trainer (actually, even the first time I use one) and I could not be happier! The quality is comparable to that of a professional device that you can find in gyms. It's really quiet and it glides like you're walking on clouds. I started working out with this thing about 3 weeks ago and I have already lost more than 2 Kg.

  • Taurus elliptical cross trainer X7.1

    Jan Olieman 19.9.2016 - Taurus elliptical cross trainer X7.1

    I rented these machine. Very happy with it still! Good machine!

  • Taurus elliptical cross trainer X5.1

    Jan Olieman 19.9.2016 - Taurus elliptical cross trainer X5.1

    dit apparaat aangeschaft nadat ik geopereerd was aan m'n knie. Heeft er zeker bijgedragen aan m'n herstel. Dit werd een stuk makkelijker gemaakt doordat ik de optie had om hem op te laten bouwen

  • Taurus elliptical cross trainer X5.1

    nadalina 3.4.2016 - Taurus elliptical cross trainer X5.1

    J'ai reçu le produit assez rapidement, le montage de la machine est assez facile avec le manuel type Ikea (demandez par email un manuel en anglais, si l'allemand est trop compliqué), bienque un peu long (mais j'ai pris mon temps). La machine est excellente! Très silencieuse et robuste. C'est du très bon matériel pour le prix, j'en suis très satisfaite. L'écran n'est pas mauvais non plus, on peut également poser une tablette qui tient parfaitement. Par contre, pas d'emplacement pour la gourde d'eau. Les programmes sont assez variés, je n'ai pas encore exploré si / comment faire du suivi personnalisé en enregistrant les données, il semble que tout s'efface à chaque fois, mais je n'ai pas creusé. En résumé : un très bon achat. Le service client par email a également été très agréable et très rapide pour répondre à mes questions.

A Taurus elliptical cross trainer for an innovative and effective workout at home

Taurus elliptical cross trainers feature a unique quality in workmanship and equipment. The development of the elliptical cross trainers strictly focusses on the special needs of sportsmen. In order to meet those at the hightest level, the profound knowledge of sports scientists and the experience of ambitious sportsmen of many years influence the conception of Taurus elliptical cross trainers. Thus, elliptical cross trainers of Taurus Fitness convince by a high level of stability and comfort as well as a very customized equipment. In addition, a Taurus elliptical cross trainer is characterized by a very elegant design, which upgrades every private fitness facility at home visually and makes it a real eye catcher. A Taurus elliptical cross trainer is a high-quality fitness machine which looks great and guarantees a long durability.

Get your dream body with a Taurus elliptical cross trainer

A Taurus elliptical cross trainer is the ideal machine, when you want to train your body effectively and sustainably in its total movement and you wish to increase your physical well-being. Due to the holistic workout with a Taurus elliptical cross trainer, you strengthen your legs and gluteal muscles specifically as well as whole muscle groups in the torso like arms, back, abs, and chest. It results in a better stamina and a significantly more defined stability of your body, which prevents problems and injuries, i. e. in the back, in a better way. Weight reduction is also more efficient doing elliptical cross trainer workouts than with many other fitness machines. The more muscles are demanded throughout the training, the higher is the energy consumption. A Taurus elliptical cross trainer becomes a real combustion engine for unpleasant love handles due to its synergetic cross training between upper and lower part of the body.

Buy a Taurus elliptical cross trainer for a sustainable cardio training

Taurus offers many high-quality elliptical cross trainers in its range of products to meet individual customer expectations and to provide optimal support in achieving your sporty targets.

The Taurus commercial elliptical cross trainer 10.5 Pro

Train your stamina joint-gentle with the Taurus commercial elliptical cross trainer 10.5 Pro
With the 10.5 Pro of Taurus for a
better fitness
Being the congenial partner for strength training, the Taurus commercial elliptical cross trainer 10.5 Pro is very popular at gyms in order to get your own body in best shape. The 10.5 Pro is also ideal for professional use at home. This elliptical cross trainer is easy-to-use - also for beginners - thanks to its clear touch screen display.

The Taurus elliptical cross trainer X7.7

The Taurus elliptical cross trainer X7.7 is our price tip. This elliptical cross trainer is equipped with a very sturdy steel frame build. Thanks to its easy-to-use computer, the silent generator system and the smooth run, this Taurus elliptical cross trainer becomes the optimal training partner for elliptical cross trainer workouts of beginners and advanced users.
The Taurus elliptical cross trainer X7.1 for a better fitness
Cross training for everybody:
the X7.1 of Taurus

Taurus elliptical cross trainer X7.1

The Taurus elliptical cross trainer X7.1 belongs to the most sold elliptical cross trainer of our shop every year. The X7.1 is the ideal machine for leisure sportsmen and beginners, who look for a joint-gentle and variable elliptical cross trainer training at home. Thanks to the intuitive control panel, starting the training with the X7.1 is very user-friendly. The Taurus elliptical cross trainer X7.1 is the right choice to improve your fitness at home and to achieve your ow training targets with a lot of fun to move.
High performance at a very good price-performance ratio - a Taurus elliptical cross trainer, exclusively at Sport-Tiedje!
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