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Gokart für Kinder kaufen
Fast speedster: the Kettler Daytona Air

Gokarts: The racer among playing vehicles

A Gokart is the cool companion for all children, who love to be on the way outside and want to experience exciting adventures. The little kart still captivates clearly almost every child. Thanks to its high playing value, the fast speedster with pedal drive enriches the vehicle fleet of little junior racers. Children love to drive a Gokart, because they can be on the way independently.

In our Gokart shop, you find a great selection of Gokarts of many brand manufacturers in one location. That's how you can do the best comparison, which Gokart model is the appropriate one for your child. In addition, you can benefit from great offers: Your Gokart is quickly delivered to you. Do you have any questions about our Gokarts? Then our customer service is personally available for you on +49 (0) 4621-42100.

Gokarts make children's dreams come true

Either for birthday, Christmas or start of school: With a Gokart a child's dream comes true! Follow in the parents' footsteps for once and drive an own little children's car - isn't it the dream of every child? However, a Gokart is a practical present of family and friends. When the cool vehicle is already waiting in front of the day, little racers want to go outside immediately. Every tour across the terrain becomes a real outdoor adventure with the versatile playing children's vehicles. The sporty design makes the racing feeling perfect. Surprise your child with a cool Gokart – find the appropriate model in our Gokart shop.

Berg Gokart Buddy im Wald
Berg Gokart with a design of a John Deere tractor

Gokarts of Berg, Dino Cars & Co.

When you want to buy a Gokart for your child, you rely on brand quality of leading manufacturers like Puky, Dino Cars, and Berg. The high-quality karts at our Gokart online shop promise a safe fun to drive and can be given to younger sisters and brothers afterwards. For Puky, sustainability is decisive. That's why, the company offers a long-term service for spare parts of its Gokarts. Since more than 20 years, Dino Cars is one of the first addresses for Gokarts made in Germany, more precisely in Brual, near to Papenburg, in northern Germany. Offering modesl with the design of a tractor or racing car, Dino Cars knows how to put itself in the chidlren's world. In addition, excellent driving features and a stylish design are offered by the Gokarts of Berg, the Dutch specialist for children's vehicles and playing equipment. Everything is available from the jeep to the agricultural machine.

Buy the appropriate Gokart

When the child is grown out of the balance bike, it is time for the next challenge. A Gokart is then the ideal vehicle for the next outdoor adventures.

A first criterion of purchasing a Gokart is the age of your child. At Sport-Tiedje, you find Gokarts for children from the age of three as well as those for a bit older children at the age of 5 to 10 years. Seat and handlebar are adjustable so that the Gokart can be optimally adjusted according to height and leg length of the child. The child will experience exciting adventures with the Gokart for many years.

In addition, a steering suitable for chilren, a stable chassis, and high-quality materials are important, which resist easily fast adventure trips over rough and smooth. Pneumatic tyres make sure that the Gokart can be easily steered in the mud and on bumpy grounds across the terrain: The sturdy cross-country tyres take any ground easily.

The hand brake ensures that the child can always stop and keeps an optimal control during fast tours. Bigger or taller Gokart drivers can practise great manoevres with the hand brake, for instance the popular power slide. The freewheel avoids that the pedals continue rotating, when the child stops pedalling.

Dino Cars Zweisitzer für Gokart
Two-seater: space for friends and siblings

Gokart accessory – from the second seat to the excavator shovel

Increase the fun factor? No problem: Using the appropriate accessory, the Gokarts offers a more versatile use and always remains interesting. A great feature, for instance: the two-seater or additional seat for participating in a race together with friends. Treasures collected on the way or some snacks can be stored in the trailer. Transform the Gokart in a sporty construction vehicle with tipping trailer, loading shovel, and mini-excavator.

Drive a Gokart: Moving makes smart

Playing outdoors, combined with well-thought out children's vehicles, is just the thing for active kids. Nowadays, it's more relevant than ever before, what Puky has summarised according the motto "moving makes smart". The free playing and a regular movement support the healthy development of the child. A child can always play out its natural urge to move with a playing vehicle. Playing vehicles like the Gokart train the motor skills, strengthen the self-confidence, and make a lot of fun - for sure.
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