Taurus Selectabell Kettlebell

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Taurus Selectabell Kettlebell

Taurus Selectabell Kettlebell

  • Variable Kettlebell
    Save time, space and money
  • Fast Weight change possible
    Ideal for drop sets
Taurus Selectabell Kettlebell AwardsTaurus Selectabell Kettlebell Awards
Taurus Selectabell Kettlebell 5 kettlebells in one

5 kettlebells in one

With the Selectabell Kettlebell from Taurus, you can replace a whole set of kettlebells with just one single kettlebell, thereby saving you money and space. In addition, you have the option of working out anywhere without having to drag multiple kettlebells.
Taurus Selectabell Kettlebell easy mechanism

easy mechanism

To adjust the kettlebell weight , all you have to do is press the slider, choose the weight, release the slider and the kettlebell is immediately ready for training. Thanks to the simple adjustment mechanism, you can quickly alternate between weights, which is particularly beneficial for drop sets or quick exercise changes. This saves you a lot of time and allows you to train more effectively.
Taurus Selectabell Kettlebell 5 weight steps to choose from

5 weight steps to choose from

With this kettlebell, you can train at five different weight levels. You can select from 4.5, 6.8, 9, 11.3 and 13.5 kg as the training weight. Due to the different weight levels, you can adjust the weight individually to your fitness level. The unneeded weights can go on the floor.
Taurus Selectabell Kettlebell High-quality materials and workmanship

High-quality materials and workmanship

The handle and weights are made of high quality cast iron, which makes the Taurus Selectabell Kettlebell very durable. The handle is also slightly roughened to ensure maximum grip. Furthermore, the handle has the optimum diameter of 30mm so that you can hold it with the entire hand, this being very important when doing kettlebell exercises.

  • 5 kettlebells in one: the variable kettlebell can change its weight
  • Simple adjustment mechanism: press the slider, select the weight, release the slider, start training
  • Now that's some saving! You only need one kettlebell to replace an entire set. This saves you money and space!
  • Perfectly complements the rest of the Selectabell dumbbell family
  • Weight categories: 4.5 | 6.8 | 9 | 11.3 | 13.5 kg
  • Max. Height: 29 cm
  • Safe and reliable adjustment mechanism

Taurus Selectabell Kettlebell: the money- and space-saving kettlebell

The new Taurus Selectabell kettlebell is a kettlebell with variably adjustable weight and combines five different kettlebells in just the one. This saves you having to buy a set of several different kettlebells and you can still do an effective and varied workout. Not only are you saving money, you're also saving space because you only need space for one kettlebell, as opposed to five. The Selectabell Kettlebell is therefore an ideal training partner for training in small rooms with little space to train. In addition, with the Taurus Selectabell Kettlebell you have the choice of moving your training into the great outdoors, without having to carry several training devices around with you. The kettlebell is more than enough for an intense workout outdoors.

Clever mechanism with five weight steps

Upon buying the Selectabell Kettlebell from Taurus, you receive a kettlebell with five different weight levels, which you can quickly and easily adjust, one-handed, using a clever system. With this kettlebell's adjustment mechanism, all you need do is press the slider, select your desired weight and release the slider again, meaning that you can also use drop sets with quick weight changes during your training. Furthermore, there is a quicker weight change between different exercises.

With the various weight levels, you can choose between 4.5, 6.8, 9, 11.3 and 13.5kg and optimising the training weight to your personal training status. The unused weights simply remain on the floor.

Exceptional materials and perfect ergonomics

During Taurus' production of the Selectabell Kettlebell, care was taken to ensure that materials were used to guarantee a long service life. This is why the weights and the handle are made of sturdy cast iron and the rest out of durable plastic for you to enjoy your Selectabell kettlebell for a long time. In addition to the high-quality materials, attention was also paid to good workmanship, meaning that the Taurus Selectabell Kettlebell has no annoying seams from the casting process. The cast iron handle is slightly roughened to guarantee quality of grip. Furthermore, the handle has an ideal diameter of 30 mm, so that you can grasp it with your entire hand, which is very much important when the exercise is performed.

Alongside the excellent materials and high-quality workmanship, the Selectabell Kettlebell is also impressive for its attractive appearance. For this reason, it fits perfectly with the rest of the Selectabell family of dumbbells, which also includes an adjustable dumbbell and barbell. With this trio, you have even more exercise options for your training and, moreover, a real eye-catcher in your training space.

Sweaty training with the Kettlebell

To train with a kettlebell is a sweaty affair and demands everything of the body. In the main, this is due to theexercises with a kettlebell usually being done with a high number of repetitions of up to 100 per set. For this reason, exercises with swinging movements are often performed during training with a kettlebell. Your muscles have to repeatedly balance these vibrations of the body, meaning that the deep muscles are also trained during these exercises, alongside several other muscles. Kettlebell training is ideal for losing fat and improving your functional strength and explosive power.
Taurus Selectabell Kettlebell AwardsTaurus Selectabell Kettlebell Awards

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Vereint fünf Kettlebells in einer
1 person found this review helpful
Die Taurus Selecabell Kettlebell vereint fünf Kettlebells in nur einem Trainingsgerät. Der Verstell-Mechanismus funktioniert einfach und selbsterklärend. Zudem liegt die Kettlebell sehr gut in der Hand. Trainings-Vielfalt bei maximaler Platzersparnis.
Bien construida y calidad
0 persons found this review helpful
He recibido la pesa y se nota que está bien construida con materiales de calidad, no cimbrea ninguno de sus elementos y contiene detalles como terminaciones en goma entre discos para no arañar el suelo al apoyarla independientemente del peso con el que estes trabajando
0 persons found this review helpful
Super kettlebell, lavet af kvalitetsmateriale, det er tydeligt at fornemme. God og let mulighed for at skifte mellem skiver for at bestemme vægtangivelse. Nem at træne med og behagelig at holde om. Skiverne sidder fast, trods ikke alle er på.
0 persons found this review helpful
Genialt system. Ved andre modeller kan skiverne nogle gange nive fat i huden eller tøjet ved brug, når ikke alle skiver er sat på, fordi de så rasler løst på kernen af den. Men denne er bare super behagelig at træne med og skiverne holdes på plads, hvor de skal være. Super godt!
Bin zufrieden
0 persons found this review helpful
Super Geräte. Zu den Hanteln. Eine Abwechslung. Platz sparend. Bin zufrieden ????.
0 persons found this review helpful
God kettlebell af høj valitet. Den er god at holde om, skiverne sidder godt tæt og fast om kernen, og det er blevet så let for mig at træne styrke efter jeg har fået denne kettlebell.
0 persons found this review helpful
Jeg er vild med denne kettlebell! For første gang har jeg en kettlebell som har mange kettlebells i én, så jeg kan spare en masse plads. Det er utrolig dejligt. Kvaliteten er i top og den er behagelig at holde på og træne med.
0 persons found this review helpful
Genial måde at træne med kettlebell på. Simple skiver tages af og på alt efter ønsket vægt. Jeg fik denne kettlebell i gave, og jeg er virkelig gald for den. Den sparer mig for plads, og samtidig er det nemt lige hurtigt at tage min trænning med udenfor om sommeren uden jeg skal gå frme og tilbage og slæbe på en masse vægte.
0 persons found this review helpful
Nok den bedste kettlebell jeg har trænet med so far. Godt fast greb, god tykkelse at holde om, god og holdbar overlfade. Nemt at skifte skiverne ud løbende i træningen.
1 person found this review helpful
Uns hat das Konzept überzeugt, dass man nur eine Kettlebell benötigt, um unterschiedliche Gewichte zu haben und so PLatz und Geld einspart. Die Handhabung ist wirklich einfach, man muss dafür keien ANleitung anschauen. Man hat das Gewicht auch innerhalb von 2-3sec verstellt. Zusätzlich finde ich die Form der Kettlebell sehr gelungen auf Grund der Verjüngung ind er MItte. Da mal jemand bei der Entwicklung mitgedacht!

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