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Model 2020/21

Taurus Selectabell Dumbbells

Item number TF-ADB-50-2
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Customer ratings (78)
78 Customer ratings
4.96 of 5 Stars

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Taurus Selectabell: 5+ dumbbell pairs in one

  • Save on money and space
    Over 5 dumbbells in one compact dumbbell save twice as much
  • Endless training
    A lot of individual training potential
Figure: The practical space saver
The practical space saver
The locking system is built in such a way that it takes the weights one after the other from the inside out. The Taurus SelectaBell is only extended by the additional weight plate. You train in every weight class with the smallest possible dumbbell.
Figure: Adapts to your needs
Adapts to your needs
Because of the many permutations of weight (4.5 | 6.75 | 9 | 11.25 | 13.5 | 15.75 | 18 | 20.25 | 22.5 kg), you train with the right intensity according to each exercise. With the clever adjustment mechanism, you can switch between the different weights in seconds.
Figure: Firmness in grip
Firmness in grip
The compact dumbbell rests securely in the hand and can be perfectly balanced. This way, you've got everything under control during your workout and optimal, constant control of performing the exercise, ensuring maximum safety during free dumbbell training.

Technical information

  • Model 2020/21 info
    The model year describes the current model of the respective season beginning in autumn of previous year. The descriptions are not absolutely based upon a change in product or year of production.
  • Available as singular, as a pair or as a set comprised of 2 SelectaBells and a dumbbell stand.
  • SelectaBell with 9 weight levels: 4.5 | 6.75 | 9 | 11.25 | 13.5 | 15.75 | 18 | 20.25 | 22.5 kg
  • Easy weight adjustment: pull the pin, choose weight, let the pin go and lift the dumbbell.
  • Handle dimensions: L 12 cm | ⌀ 32.5 mm
  • Dimensions of each dumbbell
    • Lmin18 | B 17.8 | H 17.8 cm
    • Lmax 34.4 | B 17.8 | H 17.8 cm
  • Smaller weight increments are possible by selecting different weights on both sides of the dumbbell. This leads to a positive training effect by strengthening the underarm and wrist through the imbalance in the dumbbell.
  • Weights not being used stay in the changing tray, that means the width changes with the weight.
  • Quality comes at a fair price. Read more about the Sport-Tiedje quality assurance here.

Save money & space: you need only a weight set to train with

Taurus SelectaBell: 5+ compacted dumbbellsh3> The Selectabell is the space-economical and practical compact dumbbell from Taurus: It combines several single dumbbells in just the one. This not only saves both space and money, but also makes dumbbell training particularly comfortable. You train with just one dumbbell every time you change exercises - it takes no time to change weights. Each Selectabell is delivered in a matching receptacle in which the dumbbells are safely stored. With the compact dumbbell in a strong design, dumbbell training is twice as fun.

Handling is very easy: thanks to a clever locking system, the weights can be easily adjusted. For this, the adjustment pin is pulled out and re-engaged at the desired weight. The other weight plates remain safely stowed in the sturdy holder. If the dumbbell is now replaced, the weight can be quickly changed again. So you can easily and comfortably carry out workouts with many weight changes. The Taurus Selectabell offers nine weight levels in increments of 2.25kg: 4.5 | 6.75 | 9 | 11.25 | 13.5 | 15.75 | 18 | 20.25 | 22.5 kg.

Individual and varied strength training

Free dumbbell training is the basis for effective and varied strength training. Dumbbells offer you numerous training options for arms, legs, back, chest and shoulders.

The SelectaBell is your clever dumbbell training solution, as you can do each exercise with a different weight. It replaces a set of five pairs of dumbbells between 4.5 and 22.5kg or a dumbbell bar on which the weight plates would have to be changed during training. Thanks to the adjustment mechanism, you can easily set your ideal training weight for every dumbbell exercise. At the same time, the fine weight gradation of the SelectaBell gives you enough space to increase your performance: If you gradually improve with strength training, the dumbbell in the next higher weight gradation is already there for you.

If you'd also like to work on your wrist stability, you can set different weights on each side of the dumbbell. The imbalance strengthens the support muscles in the wrist, which balance the shifted centre of gravity. With different weights on each side of the dumbbell, you can even more finely graduate the training weight as well.

The perfect combination: The Taurus SelectaBell with dumbbell stand

Complete the Taurus SelectaBell with the matching dumbbell stand. This is ideally matched to the interaction between the dumbbells. To do this, the two shells for the dumbbells are simply mounted on the dumbbell stand supports. With a comfortable mounting height of 66cm, you can now lift the SelectaBell straight from the stand and put it down again after the workout, which protects your back. For an optimum starting position, the two dumbbell racks are mounted at a slight angle and at the ideal distance from one another for the dumbbells to be comfortably picked up and put down at shoulder width. In the set of two SelectaBells and the dumbbell stand, you also benefit from a great price advantage..

PDF document for the product

Warranty conditions: Taurus Selectabell Dumbbells

The guarantee is valid in terms of the general statutory provisions for the end user.

Taurus Selectabell Dumbbells Test & Evaluations:

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4.96 of 5 Stars
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Opinion of other customers:

de by Johannes K on 31.3.2021 5 Version: 1 dumbbell
Einfach perfekt. Ich war auf der Suche nach einer Kurzhantellösung für daheim. Wichtig war dabei, dass das Gerät kompakt ist, der Sportraum ist zugleich Arbeitszimmer. Zig verschiedene fixe Hanteln kamen also nicht in Frage. Gleichzeitig sollte der Gewichtswechsel möglichst unkompliziert und schnell durchzuführen sein... [Read more]. All dies kombiniert die Selectabell. Zwei Stück davon nehmen kaum mehr Platz weg als ein liegender großer Aktenordner. Die Gewichtsanpassung dauert für beide Hanteln weit unter 5 Sekunden. Verarbeitungstechnisch gibt es nichts auzusetzen. Zudem machen sie optisch auch was her. Ich nutze sie nun seit ca. 2 Monaten mehrmals wöchentlich und möchte sie nicht mehr missen! [Show less]
fr by Frund on 12.3.2021 5 Version: 1 dumbbell
Produit parfait avec la deuxième c'est encore mieux. Recommande le produit.
it by Cicero on 7.3.2021 5 Version: 1 dumbbell
Pratici, comodi da utilizzare. Ottima impugnatura
de by Peter on 26.2.2021 5 Version: 1 dumbbell
Sehr gut verarbeitet, funktioniert bislang schnell und praktisch. Leichte Gewichtsabweichungen, die jedoch nicht stören und andere Hantelsysteme auch aufweisen. Bei voller Gewichtsbelastung merkt man optisch, dass die Scheiben nach außen hin etwas absinken, aber während der Übung kann man dies nicht spüren, somit verna... [Read more]chlässigbar. Ständer sollte man dazunehmen, denn aufgrund des niedrigen Hantelschalengewichts bleiben die Hanteln mit allen Scheiben beim Herausnehmen sonst gerne in der Schale und heben diese mit hoch. Durch den Ständer sind diese jedoch fixiert und es ist kein Problem. [Show less]
fr by Frund on 22.2.2021 5 Version: 1 dumbbell
Bon produit fonctionnel qui économise de la place. Je recommande.
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