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Model 2019

Taurus Dumbbell SelectaBell

Item number TF-ADB-50
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Customer ratings (15)
15 Customer ratings
4.87 of 5 Stars

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Figure: Save money and space
Save money and space
The Taurus SelectaBell combines numerous dumbbell pairs into one compact dumbbell. The advantages: you profit from saving money over buying numerous individual dumbbells. You'll also save space in your fitness room with the compact dumbbell set – and time after training not having to put away many dumbbells.
Figure: You've never trained like this before
You've never trained like this before
Through the precise weight levels you can find the right intensity for every exercise. The clever locking system enables you to change the weight in seconds. No complicated changes - so you can concentrate wholey on your training
Figure: The perfect accessory
The perfect accessory
Don't settle for less: Compliment your SelectaBells with the specially made dumbbell stand. The dumbbell stand is designed with a comfortable height and are ideally spaced apart. Therefore you can comfortably pick up the SelectaBells shoulder width apart directly off the stand. Also saving you unnecessary stress on your back.
Figure: The special highlight of the Taurus SelectaBell
The special highlight of the Taurus SelectaBell
Compact and safer: The locking system is built that the weight plates are held from inside to outside. The Taurus SelectaBell only picks up the necessary weight plates. So that you train with the smallest dumbbell in each weight class.

This has an important advantage: the compact dumbbell lays securely in your hand and can be perfectly balanced out. So that at all times you have optimal controll during the exercise – for maximum safety training with free weights.
Figure: Best brand of the year 2018
Best brand of the year 2018
Maximum performance while training – is what Taurus fitness equipment stands for. That's why this brand was awarded with the Plus X Award seal of approval „Best brand of the year 2018“. This special award for brand quality is awarded once per year to brands in which their products regularly receive branch awards.
Figure: High quality & functionality
High quality & functionality
An award winning product: The TaurusSelectaBell received in 2018/19 the Plus X Award. The world's largest innovation prize for Technology, Sport and Lifestyle awarded the seal of approval for High Quality and Functionality onto the strong compact dumbbell. Both seal of approvals distinguish the use of high grade materials as well as exceptional functionality.
Figure: ETM Test winner
ETM Test winner
Test result „very good“ (92,7 %): In the latest dumbbell system test from the ETM test magazine (10/2018) the SelectaBell was awarded for it's exceptionally easy operation, flexible weight settings, secure grip and the excellent value for money – a modern dumbbell system for strength training at home.
  • The Selectabell dumbbell combines 5+ dumbbells in one
  • Don't waste time with changing weights
  • Everything in one place - perfectly organised!
  • Save money & space: Only need one dumbbell set
    for your training sessions

Technical information

  • Model 2019 info
    The model year describes the current model of the respective season beginning in autumn of previous year. The descriptions are not absolutely based upon a change in product or year of production.
  • Available as singular, as a pair or as a set comprised of 2 SelectaBells and a dumbbell stand.
  • SelectaBell with 5 weight levels: 4.5 | 9 | 13.5 | 18 | 22.5 kg
  • Easy weight adjustment: pull the pin, choose weight, let the pin go and lift the dumbbell.
  • Stand dumbbell resting height: 66 cm | shoulder width apart and slightly slanted for a comfortable pick up of both dumbbells.
  • Grip measurements: L 13 cm | ⌀ 34 mm
  • Measurements of one dumbbell: Lmax. 36 | B 20.5 | H 20.5 cm
  • Smaller weight increments are possible by selecting different weights on both sides of the dumbbell. This leads to a positive training effect by strengthening the underarm and wrist through the imbalance in the dumbbell.
  • Set dimensions: L 57 | W 82.5 | H 77 cm
  • Weights not being used stay in the changing tray, that means the width changes with the weight.

Taurus SelectaBell: 5+ dumbbell pairs in one compact dumbbell

The SelectaBell is the save saving and practical compact dumbbell from Taurus: it combines numerous single dumbbells into just one dumbbell. Not only does it save space and money, but also makes dumbbell training especially comfortable. You won't need to hoard more dumbbells with each change of exercise – you'll now only have to adjust the weight. Each SelectaBell comes with its own holding tray, in which the dumbbell is stored. With its smart design it makes training double the fun.

Making changes is extremely easy: Thanks to the clever locking mechanism the weight can be easily adjusted. Which the adjustment pin is pulled free and locked into the weight needed. The weight plates not being used stay safely stored in the robust holding tray. When the dumbbell is once again placed into the tray, the weight can be quickly changed. So that workouts with many changes in weight is easily and comfortably carried out. The Taurus SelectaBell offers 5 weight levels from 4.5 Kilograms: 4.5 | 9 | 13.5 | 18 | 22.5kg

Individual and varied strength training

Free dumbbe training is the basis for an effective and varied strength training. Dumbbells offer a huge amount of exericses for arms, legs, back, chest and shoulders. But not every exercise would be done with the same amount of weight.

The SelectaBell is the clever solution for your dumbbell training. It replaces a set of at least five dumbbells (between 4.5 and 22.5kg) or a free dumbbell, that you can change the weight plates quickly during training. Through the adjustment mechanism the ideal training weight is simple to set. At the same time the small weight increments give you an optimal range to suit your improved strength level: Over time when your get stronger, the next weight level is ready and waiting.

Also when you want to train your wrist stability, you are able to adjust different weight levels on each side. Through this imbalance the supporting muscles of the wirst are trained by balancing out the new center of gravity. Also by using different weights on each end of the dumbbell the total weight can be more precisely set.

The perfect combination: The Taurus SelectaBell with dumbbell stand

Complete the Taurus SelectaBell with the matching dumbbell stand. This is especially designed for the Taurus SelectaBells. The holding trays of the dumbbells are easily attached to the frame of the dumbbell stand. At a comfortable height of 66cm the SelectaBells can be directly pick up off the stand and placed back after use, making it easier on your back. Both SelectaBells are optimally positioned, slightly angled and the ideal spacing between the dumbbells, for a comfortable pick up and return. The money saving set contains two SelectaBells and dumbbell stand.

PDF document for the product

Warranty conditions: Taurus Dumbbell SelectaBell

For further information on the warranty, please refer to the manufacturer's terms of warranty. The manufacturer's warranty is an extra service and does not affect your statutory rights.
Manufacturer's warranty Full warranty
Home use (Find out more)
The scope of warranty for home use includes private use of fitness equipment in a private household.

Detailed information can be taken from the warranty conditions of the manufacturer.
24 months
Semiprofessional use (Find out more)
A semi-professional use is given, when the fitness equipment is used in instutitions like hotels, schools, clubs, or for rehabilitation, company fitness, etc..

Detailed information can be taken from the warranty conditions of the manufacturer.
Professional use (Find out more)
The warranty for professional use concerns fitness equipment at public, commercial institutions (i.e., gyms).

Detailed information can be taken from the warranty conditions of the manufacturer.

Taurus Dumbbell SelectaBell Test & Evaluations:

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4.87 of 5 Stars
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Opinion of other customers:

de by Uwe Hoffmann on 28.3.2019 5 Version: 1 Dumbbell
Hanteln sind platzsparend, gut verarbeitet und einfach zu bedienen. Die Verarbeitung macht einen guten Eindruck und ich bin zufrieden. Der Briefträger und mein Nachbar haben auch schon davon geschwärmt.
nl by Wim Vandeput on 13.3.2019 5 Version: 1 Dumbbell
Halters liggen zeer goed in de hand en zijn gemakkelijk te verstellen naar meer of minder gewicht. Ideaal om thuis oefeningen mee te doen! Top!
de by Anonym on 4.3.2019 5 Version: 1 Dumbbell
Weltklasse und jeden Cent wert!
de by Ralph Müller on 23.10.2018 5 Version: 1 Dumbbell
War zuerst etwas skeptisch bei verstellbaren Hanteln. Aber die Qualität hat mich überzeugt!
de by Faisal on 20.10.2018 5 Version: 1 Dumbbell
Super Hanteln und Ständer - Nices Design und guter Verstellmechanismus. Die Gewichtseinteilung geht so auch völlig in Ordnung, wenn man bisschen mehr gewollh hätte, wären locker 400 Euros mehr nötig gewesen - mehr als das doppelte. Für den Preis hier gibt es also nix besseres!

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