Slendertone Evolve Abs muscle trainer

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  • High quality electro muscle stimulator for perfect abdominal muscles before long
  • The Slendertone Evolve Abs muscle trainer provides 12 firming programmes
  • 150 intensity levels for bespoke training
  • Light, portable and very easy-to-use abdominal belt
  • Abdominal belt with 3 electrodes: 2 on the flanks, one on the navel
  • The portable control unit of the Slendertones waist belt is rechargeable and usable with all glute and arm accessories
  • Warm-up and cool-down phases are pre-programmed for tailor-made electrical muscle stimulation
  • Intelligent program control adjusts the intensity to your progress in training

Slendertone Evolve Abs muscle trainer: the turbo charge for the perfect belly

Even 20 minutes of training on the Slendertone Evolve Abs muscle trainer are as effective as 120 crunches. In just 4 weeks, the Slendertone Evolve Abs muscle trainer creates asignificantly tighter and firmer stomach with stronger abdominal muscles.

The Slendertone Evolve Abs muscle trainer allows both men and women to optimise their abdominal muscle training, being suitable for both sexes. With the Slendertone Evolve Abs muscle trainer, clearly noticeable training progress is possible within just four 4 weeks. With the Slendertone Evolve Abs muscle trainer being so light and inconspicuous, you can even wear it beneath your clothes: in the office, during sports or at home in front of the TV. Experience with the Slendertone Evolve Abs muscle trainer shows that you can get optimum results with 5 electrical stimulation training sessions per week in the first four weeks, with three weekly workouts with the abdominal belt being sufficient afterwards.

Slendertone Evolve Abs muscle trainer with intelligent settingcontrol

The Slendertone Evolve Abs muscle trainer offers 12 programmes for electrical muscle stimulation; 9 of the programs are passive, meaning it requires no movement on your part to achieve the training effects, with 3 of the pre-installed programmes on the Slendertone Evolve Abs muscle trainer being active, meaning you can use them during sports. This allows you to do crunches even more effectively. The Slendertone Evolve Abs muscle trainer has 150 levels of intensity, so that even well-trained athletes can still benefit from the electrical muscle stimulator / abdominal belt. The intelligent training controls remember your settings, automatically increasing the intensity when you have reached your training objective.

Tuck your stomach in easily with the Slendertone Evolve Abs muscle trainer!

The Slendertone Abs abdominal trainer is particularly easy to operate. The electrical stimulation training is controlled via a multifunctional control element. The hand control of the Slendertone Abs abdominal belt has an automatic device recognition and also works with some other Slendertone electrical muscle stimulation devices. The hand control remembers the training programme so far completed with the Slendertone Evolve Abs muscle trainer and displays them at the press of a button, meaning you're always up to date on your training progress with the Slendertone abdominal belt.

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