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Jumpsport Trampoline

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Start with trampolines a joint-gentle and healthy training.

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The size of the jumping surface of a trampoline affects the exercising possibilities and safety during the training. A big jumping surface allows safety and maximum freedom while bouncing.

Diameter of the jumping surface


The suspension of a trampolin determines for which type of training the trampoline is suitable. Steel springs are best for intensive training sessions and bouncing on the trampoline. Elastic ropes are very gentle and are best for swinging or rehabilitative training.


indoor / outdoor

Choose weather you look for a big trampoline for garden use or a rebounder for indoor training.

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Folding mechanism

Some trampolines are equipped with a space-efficient folding mechanism, which makes the machine folding and easy to store away.

Folding mechanism

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JumpSport rebounders and their rubber ring suspension increase the well-being and fitness level. The suspension is the secret of JumpSport rebounders. From featherlight to intensive power workout - you can cover the whole range. The single ring suspension allows an individual adjustment of weight and training content without buying extra accessory. Read more down
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Item number: JS-350F
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The Jumpsport Fitness Foldable Trampoline 350F provides excellent stability and its rubber cord suspension ensures gentle exercise. There are 2 levels of tension of the cords to choose from, so that the rebounder can be adjusted to meet your own personal training needs. This rebounder is also available as folding and thus easy to transport folding version.
  • Range of use: Indoor
  • Suspension: Rubber ropes (30x)
  • Incl. DVD
  • Number of legs: 6
  • Indoor trampoline with a twice adjustable suspension
  • Very durable rubber rings for joint-gentle training on the trampoline
  • 100 cm frame width, 83 cm wide Permatron jumping mat
  • Quiet workouts – ideal for use at home
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Depending on the training aims, you can choose between springs or elastic ropes as the key components influencing the swinging and bouncing qualities of a trampoline. Additionally,the bouncing mat and the frame construction also influence the swinging qualities.
Trampolines with steel springs are suited for dynamic exercises or jumping. Trampolines with elastic ropes are the right choice for slow, gentle and comfortable swinging or for rehabilitiation of ankle, knee or hip joints.
The stability of a trampoline depends on sturdy legs or foldable legs, a strong frame construction as well as the suspension of the bouncing mat on the frame. A sturdy trampoline is durable as well stable even when used with a higher weight load.
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Jumpsport Trampoline - Customer ratings

  • Jumpsport Fitness Foldable Trampoline 350F

    Anonym 11.8.2017 - Jumpsport Fitness Foldable Trampoline 350F

    haven't stopped using this since I got it love it. so sturdy and quite absolutely love my trampoline and would recommend anyone interested in buying one to go ahead. 2 of my work colleagues also bought this and they love it also price was good also

  • Jumpsport Fitness Foldable Trampoline 350F

    Debbie 22.7.2016 - Jumpsport Fitness Foldable Trampoline 350F

    Rebounder arrives ready to use, it just needs the legs attaching which takes only 10 minutes. It is very quiet to use and there are loads of routines available on the internet. It is also loads of fun.

  • Jumpsport Fitness Foldable Trampoline 350F

    Trevor and Pauline 22.4.2016 - Jumpsport Fitness Foldable Trampoline 350F

    The product is extremely well made and assembly was very straightforward. The accompanying CD was very clear and also showed that various achievement levels were possible. We both felt inspired that this was really something we could do and enjoy.

  • Jumpsport Fitness Foldable Trampoline 350F

    James Gallacher 21.3.2016 - Jumpsport Fitness Foldable Trampoline 350F

    Excellent well constructed product with only 5 minutes setup time. Bungee chords instead of springs reduce noise completely and provide solid bounce capability. Product is solid and stable. Ordering product was simple and goods arrived on time with no problems. Would recommend both the product and Sport-Tiedje on excellent product and service.

  • Jumpsport Fitness Foldable Trampoline 350F

    Ginette 23.2.2016 - Jumpsport Fitness Foldable Trampoline 350F

    Sturdy and well-made. A bit difficult to set up - really needs two people to unfold it. Excellent value - I haven't seen another cord-type rebounder at this price. Completely silent.

  • Jumpsport Fitness Foldable Trampoline 350F

    Anonym 19.2.2016 - Jumpsport Fitness Foldable Trampoline 350F

    I am enjoying the use of this rebounder. Exercise DVD is very useful. Easy to use at home. The quality of the rebounder is excellent and was easy to set up.

  • Jumpsport Fitness Foldable Trampoline 350F

    Jo Peirce 17.2.2016 - Jumpsport Fitness Foldable Trampoline 350F

    Excellent quality, very quiet when in use, good value for money, delivery fairly quick. Only negative is having to kneel on the reverse of product to unfold it safely, in doing so it does hurt your knees and shins, have to place a cushion or towel on top prior to kneeling to provide protection, which can hinder the opening process. Also purchased the stabilising handle bar which fits directly to the product in replacement of two of the legs but had to remove as found it too restrictive when carrying out some of the exercises/moves. Product stands approximately 13” from floor level. If you have low ceiling heights you might need to ensure you have enough head height prior to purchase, as you do tend to bounce quite high, even without trying too hard. Overall would highly recommend, as this is a fun and enjoyable form of exercise.

  • Jumpsport Fitness Foldable Trampoline 350F

    bernard 2.11.2015 - Jumpsport Fitness Foldable Trampoline 350F

    The rebounder was as good as i had hoped,well made and sturdy. I looked for bungy cords as my old rebounder had springs and was noisy and stiff and tended to strain my knee.The rebounding area is a little small and the material is shiny and slippery so you need to take care, that said it works well and was easy to assemble and good value.The DVD included was very basic and did not talk about or include the benefits of rebounding.Bernard.

  • Jumpsport Fitness Foldable Trampoline 350F

    Anonym 25.10.2015 - Jumpsport Fitness Foldable Trampoline 350F

    Excellent quality product with the advantage of needing only a small storage space. Easy to assemble (even though I am only 5 foot/8 stone!) and carry and the DVDs provided give good basic, but effective,work outs for beginners to rebounding.

  • Jumpsport Fitness Foldable Trampoline 350F

    christina 29.6.2015 - Jumpsport Fitness Foldable Trampoline 350F

    Did a lot of research before buying this rebounder, I have arthritis in my knee, so need low impact excersise, but also want to burn calories! I've had this rebounder for 2 weeks and am very impressed. The build quality is excellent, the legs feel very stable and there's no noise during use. I've used the dvd supplied which has a good selection of workouts - I felt the benefit after just a couple of uses and have had no problems with my joints. Before I bought this I was considering getting a different brand with larger jumping area - I'm really glad I didn't, this is easily big enough and much easier to store.

JumpSport rebounders: The rebounder with the perfect suspension

JumpSport has built rebounders of high quality and with perfect jump features since the middle of the 90s. The brothers and sisters Mark and Valerie Publicover developped rebounders with the principle to create save rebounders for every age. At first, they concentrated on rebounders for outdoor use, however they discovered quickly an improvement regarding the previous steel springs - the rubber ring suspension.

The rubber ring suspension JumpSport allows a very joint-gentle training. Either light swinging, running or intensive power workouts, the variety of use is enormous. Being even used for rehab, rebounders with rubber ring suspension are a popular buildup device.

JumpSport rebounder models

The suspension of JumpSport rebounders is adjustable. Knots in the rubber rings allow the adjusting of the hardness level. According to bodyweight or training target, you can vary the resistance. The rubber ring is just hooked in the clip once the length is changed. Some of the models are foldable, it means, they are equipped with two hinges in the metal frame. Due to those hinges, the required space is reduced. Just open the two small metal brackets first and press the rebounder together in order to fold it.

Rebounder sport demands more muscles

Rebounder jumping increases your quality of life with fun and frequently unconscious training. Health and fitness are actively support by rebounder jumping, the training is joint-gentle and strengthens the connective tissue. Studies prove that up to 70% more muscle fibres are demanded while jumping on a rebounder than for doing common jogging. The literally "joyful side effect“ is the release of endorphins, happiness hormones. 70% more muscle demand, happiness hormones, and joint-gentle training - rebounders.
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