Concept2 rowing machine Indoor Rower model D (PM5)

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  • Features
  • Capacity
  • Motion
  • Concept2 rowing ergometer for advanced private use
  • Model D with innovative PM5 performance monitor!
  • Please read our performance comparison between the new Concept2 PM5 monitor and the old model PM3.
  • Digital heart rate measuring: the heart rate receiver is already included in the PM5. Thus the heart rate is automatically displayed, when you wear a chest strap.
  • Easy to store: can be diviced in two pieces
  • High-quality powder coating
  • Monitor arm made of thermoplastic material. Hinges for adjusting the monitor, angle of the monitor is also adjustable
  • Adapted foot plate
  • Difference to the PM4 training computer:
    • Bigger memory
    • Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ compatible
    • internal memory records more than 1,000 training sessions
    • backup via USB stick possible
    • battery: two D cells
    • games: target game, biathlon
    • supports wire-based races for up to 80 indoor rowers
  • Displays important training data: performance in meters, 500 m average, watt or calories
  • Display modes: meter/time, strength curve, PaceBoat, bar diagram or upper case
  • Improved readability thanks to backlit display
  • Backup per USB stick / internal memory (more than 1,000 training sessions)
  • Games: Fish game, dart game, target game, biathlon
  • Supports wireless races for up to 80 Indoor Rowers (PC, additional cable and software are required)
  • Supports wireless connectivity for pc
  • Weight: 26 kg
  • Seat height: 35 cm
  • Delivery includes: Performance Monitor quick guide, tools, and an illustrated assembly instructions, Model D user manual
  • Colour: black
  • Not compatible with the iPhone connection kit

The Concept2 rowing machine Indoor Rower model D (PM5) is one of the most popular indoor rowing machines among club rowers! It has set standards and is for many people the epitome of professional indoor rowing training. It enables everyone - from leisure rower to serious athlete - to simulate the rowing movement on water and to benefit from a safe, efficient whole body training. Among others, yearly indoor rowing worldchampionships are done on Concept 2 indoor rowing ergometers.

Concept2 offers the previous indoor rower model D in an additional version and equips it with the performance monitor PM5 like the indoor rower model E. The Concept2 model D 1992 convinces by an extended range of functions.

PM5 training computer

The PM5 training computer offers connectivity via Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ with compatible chest straps. Backup is now possible with the USB stick. The internal memory of the training computer records more than 1,000 training sessions - i.e., a race function which enables several Concept2 rowing machines (with PM5) to compete against each other.
Thanks to an automated connection between the PM5 training computers, you can compete against each other without an additional computer or complicated settings. Furthermore, a heart rate receiver is already integrated in the training computer of the Concept2 model D. Thus the heart rate is automatically displayed, when you wear a chest strap.

Compared to the predecessors C (indoor rower 1700) and model D (indoor rower 1900 and 1992), all advantages of the Concept2 rowing machine Indoor Rower model D (PM5) are maintained:

- softer rowing feeling
- even quieter
- even better durability
- easier maintenance
- new design: friendly and dynamic colours
- new handle: improves comfort for arms & shoulders as well as end-of-stroke position
- new wind wheel: greater adjustment range for air resistance
- produces power and charges those two D cells of the training computer PM5

concept2 widerstand

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I am very pleased with this purchase! Outstanding service from your customer service and your store in Schleswig, where I collected my purchase, this was a very nice experience, my absolute best recommandations! By the way - the Concept 2 is a super product!
I am very pleased with this purchase. The delivery was quick and the set up easy. When it arrived, there was no problem moving it into the small lift up to my apartment. I had read on some reviews that it might not be suitable for use in an apartment block due to noise but I disagree because it is much quieter tah was suggested. The quality of this product use excellent. Although early days, I am feeling more fit than before from using this for 20 minutes every other day. Like most equipment it offers a lot more than I have been able to take advantage of so far. I can‘t think of think of any disadvantages of this product. I would certainly recommend this piece of equipment to improve general fitness. Finally, it is simple to collapse if storage space is an issue and makes it an excellent purchase for an apartment. Having such a great piece of equipment in the home means that I get to use it more regularly than had I chosen the alternative, namely trying to go to a gym which I often found difficult to do often. ... [Read more]
I am a member of a rowing club and we use Concept 2 ergos to train, hence my decision to buy one for use at home. For me, this is the gold standard of rowing machines. I have used others and the Concept 2 feels the most like rowing on the water. Its well constructed,durable and feels solid, even when you are putting in a lot of effort. It takes about 15 mins to assemble at first and can be simply broken into 2 pieces if needed when not being used. The PM5 computer offers several interesting ways of training. ... [Read more]
I have only had the product for 4 weeks. I received the product only 2 days after ordering. Very easy to assemble (the drawings are very illustrative). Have been on business trip for 2 weeks so I'm only familiar with Concept2 for a short period. So fare the produkt has met my expectation and have nothing to complian about.
Very nice Packaging Very easy to assembly Very good quality, easy to store, quite A lot of functions through PM5 I am very happy with this rower
Great machine, pro level. Very smooth rowing with a progression of the effort when speed increases, even at \"low gear\"! Much much better than my old magnetic rower where I was not feeling this effect at all. Also manufacturing seem very solid and robust.
Montage en quelques minutes avec le tournevis fourni, appropriation du PM5 très rapide et la sensation fabuleuse d\'être à bord d\'un skiff..ou d\'une barque - selon la résistance et le programme choisis. Couplé à la ceinture Wahoo TICKR, le rameur Concept2 D est un must.
Love it, It is a robust smooth machine. I can see why it is its class leader
The best product available on the market.
I\'ve been using the Concept2 modelD for about a month now and it really lives up to my expectations. I regret a bit I didn\'t take the additional seat padding because the seat really is hard and uncomfortable when doing e.g. a 10k row. Regarding the PM5 I\'m less thrilled: first of all it arrived with outdated firmware - upgrade however installs easily - but even then it isn\'t entirely stable: occasionally the screen doesn\'t show properly and 1 time it gave an error message requiring to reboot the PM. Additionally the USB stick can be used by 1 person only meaning that with each user-switch one always needs to reach behind the PM to fit the USB. Maybe both inconveniences will be addressed with future upgrades? ... [Read more]

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