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Concept2 Rowing machine

(5 Products)
The rowing machines of Concept2 belong to the most popular rowing machines in the world. Worldwide, there are only few manufacturers of such a publicity like Concept2. The different models of Concept2, either rowing ergometer or ski ergometer, feature an enormous stability, ideal workmanship, and extreme durability. Of course, the ergonomic shape and innovative design are in the centre of interest.
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Concept2 Exercise Bike

The training with fitness equipment and accessory influences directly your health and well-being. Thus you should pay attention to quality when purchasing fitness equipment. Products of the range of products of Concept2 Exercise Bike offer you safety and quality for an effective training at home.
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Concept2 Accessory rowing machines

(10 Products)
The wide-range accessory of Concept2 makes it possible to create the training even more comfortable and more varied. Seat support, seat, and protective mat upgrade the comfort, the Concept2 Slide provides an even more natural rowing experience, and covers offer an optimal protections of your rowing machine. The SkiErg frame allows to move the SkiErg.
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Concept2 Floor protective mats

The Concept2 protective mat is the ideal mat for your rowing machine. It protects the floor from sweat throughout exhausting workouts and absorbs the vibrations. Protective mats are mainly recommended, when the machine is placed in an apartment without a separate training room. Roommates and neighbours are less disturbed thanks to the reduced background noise.
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Concept2 - Customer ratings

  • Concept2 rowing machine Indoor Rower model D (PM5)

    John 12.6.2018 - Concept2 rowing machine Indoor Rower model D (PM5)

    I am very pleased with this purchase! Outstanding service from your customer service and your store in Schleswig, where I collected my purchase, this was a very nice experience, my absolute best recommandations! By the way - the Concept 2 is a super product!

  • Concept2 rowing machine Indoor Rower model D (PM5)

    Anonym 5.5.2018 - Concept2 rowing machine Indoor Rower model D (PM5)

    I am very pleased with this purchase. The delivery was quick and the set up easy. When it arrived, there was no problem moving it into the small lift up to my apartment. I had read on some reviews that it might not be suitable for use in an apartment block due to noise but I disagree because it is much quieter tah was suggested. The quality of this product use excellent. Although early days, I am feeling more fit than before from using this for 20 minutes every other day. Like most equipment it offers a lot more than I have been able to take advantage of so far. I can‘t think of think of any disadvantages of this product. I would certainly recommend this piece of equipment to improve general fitness. Finally, it is simple to collapse if storage space is an issue and makes it an excellent purchase for an apartment. Having such a great piece of equipment in the home means that I get to use it more regularly than had I chosen the alternative, namely trying to go to a gym which I often found difficult to do often.

  • Concept2 rowing machine Indoor Rower model D (PM5)

    Andy 4.5.2018 - Concept2 rowing machine Indoor Rower model D (PM5)

    I am a member of a rowing club and we use Concept 2 ergos to train, hence my decision to buy one for use at home. For me, this is the gold standard of rowing machines. I have used others and the Concept 2 feels the most like rowing on the water. Its well constructed,durable and feels solid, even when you are putting in a lot of effort. It takes about 15 mins to assemble at first and can be simply broken into 2 pieces if needed when not being used. The PM5 computer offers several interesting ways of training.

  • Professionelle Concept2 seat cover

    Andy 4.5.2018 - Professionelle Concept2 seat cover

    This is basically a pad that sits on the top of the seat, rather than a cover (it is not actually fixed to the seat). At first I was worried that it would move during use but so far that doesn't seem to be a problem. It does improve the comfort of the rowing machine, if you are using it for a long time.

  • Concept2 rowing machine indoor rower model D (PM5)

    Janis Dravnieks 22.12.2017 - Concept2 rowing machine indoor rower model D (PM5)

    Is this the best rowing machine for me. Very nice service from Sport-Tiedje.

  • Concept2 rowing machine indoor rower model D (PM5)

    Mark 22.12.2017 - Concept2 rowing machine indoor rower model D (PM5)

    Beautifully engineered, easy setup and works flawlessly. Very happy with this rower!

  • Concept2 rowing machine indoor rower model D (PM5)

    Gilberto da S Ferreira 25.10.2017 - Concept2 rowing machine indoor rower model D (PM5)

    The instructions of how to assemble it can be confusing. But the machine itself is awesome!

  • Concept2 floor mat black

    Sam Jeffs 20.10.2017 - Concept2 floor mat black

    Useful to help stop the machine sliding and to reduce any noise through the floor, especially if you are in a flat. Still slides slightly but nothing drastic.

  • Concept2 rowing machine indoor rower model D (PM5)

    Sam Jeffs 20.10.2017 - Concept2 rowing machine indoor rower model D (PM5)

    I have used the concept 2 throughout my whole military career and the quality and performance is proven by the fact that nearly every professional gym and military training centre uses them. The interactive PM5 module, which allows you to connect your phone via bluetooth to access online features is fantastic. I wouldn't even consider another rowing machine!

  • Concept2 rowing machine indoor rower model D (PM5)

    Andrew Patterson 27.9.2016 - Concept2 rowing machine indoor rower model D (PM5)

    The Concept 2 is exactly as described. It was easy to set up and is easy to use. I have yet to come to grips with the different options available for training as I am just using the timed sessions, but there seems to be plenty of choices. Very happy with my purchase.

Each Concept2 Indoor Rower includes 30 years of experience in rowing. Peter and Dick Dreissigacker, who participated as rowers in the Olympic games in Munic in 1972, have established their company Concept2 in 1976. Being engineers, they made it their business to optimize the used material: they were the first who used carbon for belts and skulls instead of wood. They constructed the Concept2 Indoor Rower, the first rower of athletes for athletes, five years later, in 1981. Their demand on their own invention was clear: the equipment has to completely fulfil their demands, being rower pros. This demand has remained until today. Indoor rower are used at the most rower clubs and Olympic bases as well as at several fitness studios, rehabilitation centres, hotels, and by private customers, who stay fit using the Indoor Rower.

Concept2 - Documents

In the following selection, you have the possibility to find documents (for instance, instructions or test reports) about the products of the manufacturer Concept2. Please select the product, for whose documents you are interested in, from the column "products".

Concept2 Cardio training

Concept2 Accessories

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