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cardiostrong Elliptical cross trainer

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Start now a joint-gentle whole body training and improve your fitness.

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Movement quality

The movement quality of an elliptical cross trainer is decisive for a comfortable experience while exercising. Elliptical cross trainers of a high movement quality are more silent and run smoother, i.e.. Balance mass, transmission ratio, ball bearings as well as quality of material and workmanship are important features of the movement quality of an elliptical cross trainer.

Movement quality

Training space

Choose your elliptical cross trainer according to the given floor space.

Space requirement (length)

Type of use

The type of use includes intensity, duration, and frequency of use, i.e.. Solely elliptical cross trainers marked as professional are suitable for gyms. Those machines are also optimal for intensive home use, because they are best in quality of material and workmanship as well as stability, and durability.

Semi-professional elliptical cross trainers are suitable for ambitious home users. Due to their high loadability, easy operation, and joint-gentle movement, they are also used at hotels, clubs, company's facilities, and for therapy.

Range of application


Some elliptical cross trainers of our range of products are especially designed for high loads. Elliptical cross trainers of a high loadability are also great for ambitious home use, because they are of a very high stability and high-quality workmanship.

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Buy cardiostrong Elliptical cross trainer

Your workout is effective, easy, and joint-gentle with a cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer. The machines were developed by sports scientists and provide a perfect course of motino. The equipment offers you many different programs and is very user-friendly. The comfortable concentric run and the materials of precise workmanship make these machines the ideal training equipment. Read more down
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Sport-Tiedje puts each fitness equipment through its paces. Then our team of sports scientists, serious athletes, and service technicians of many years of experience evaluate the products of different categories. Compare easily the products using the Sport-Tiedje expert review and find your appropriate equipment.
The equipment of an elliptical cross trainer includes balance unit, brake system, training computer (display, programmes, etc.), and extras like transport wheels, book holders, etc.. A good equipment makes exercising more varied and more comfortable. Your workout becomes more effective with pulse measuring.
Innovation is a special criterion of the Sport-Tiedje elliptical cross trainer test rating. Here, we only rate equipment, which is characterized by technical innovations, which are really important for the further development of elliptical cross trainers. The higher the test rating of the elliptical cross trainer, the more advanced the development already is!
The balance unit consists of balance mass, pedal bearing, ball bearing, etc. and is very important for concentric run. Transmission ratio and stride length and stride width in combination with stride height contribute to a concentric run. When the elliptical cross trainer offers a good concentric run, exercising is very joint-gentle. Muscle activity is distinctively increased as well.
The stability of the crosstrainer is achieved by sturdy feet, high own weight, and a stable frame construction. A sturdy elliptical cross trainer is not only durable - it is stable even for challenging workout sessions and provides a higher weight load capacity.
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cardiostrong Elliptical cross trainer - Customer ratings

  • cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX90

    Polcar 15.6.2018 - cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX90

    Cardiostrong EX90 is a robust, quiet machine. Pedals are comfortable. Step is natural. There is one weak side here. If you use predefined programs, you can not reduce the resistance, just increase it. But for user defined program, it is possible That's why I give only 4 stars

  • cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX90 Plus

    Anonym 4.6.2018 - cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX90 Plus

    I am a tall man - and it can be difficult to find fitness machines in my size - BUT the EX90 Plus works fantastic for me. The length of the steps are perfect and it really helps me to get back in shape - and hopefully lose weight at the same time. The cross trainer is very silent compared to other cross trainers I have used - very good for private use. It was easy to put together - even though it took a little longer than described. Can recommend the EX90 Plus - for me it's a good buy.

  • cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX60

    Jan Olieman 19.9.2016 - cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX60

    Crosstrainer die anders is dan anders. Heeft 2 weerstandswielen. Waardoor hij extra stabiel is en het is alsof je vloeiend over de stappen heen gaat. Erg fijn apparaat.

  • cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX90 Plus

    Jan Olieman 19.9.2016 - cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX90 Plus

    Wat is dit een enorm vet apparaat. Gespot op GamesCon in Duitsland. Daar werd hij gebruikt om mee te gamen! De manier waarop dat daarmee gecombineerd kon worden is subliem! In plaats van zittend gamen, doe ik dat nu lopend!! veelzijdig, elektrisch instelbaar, geschikt voor lange mensen, mooi design. Hij is als je alleen bent lastig te verplaatsen als je weinig ruimte hebt maar met 2 personen is dat probleem verholpen

  • cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX60

    Zakharov Vasyl 30.6.2016 - cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX60

    The product is of very high quality and good price. I would call quality/price ratio as one of the best in class. Very smooth movement making your exercise really comfortable and effective. We were making our workouts before on much more expensive equipment (in the gym), but this one is of the same feeling. Simple and intuitive navigation is obviously a plus because we don't like overloaded electronics when you just need to make an exercise. Does not take a lot of space and at the same time very stable. Highly recommended!

  • cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX90

    Iain Crawford 4.3.2016 - cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX90

    Awesome cross trainer.I used this cross trainer at my girlfriends and found it very easy to use.Assembly instructions sent were in German but me being an engineer the pictures were very easy to follow,e-mailed customer service for training programs in English which were sent within one hour.

  • cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX90 Plus

    Debbie 8.2.2016 - cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX90 Plus

    I love this cross trainer, by far the best we have ever purchased. It is expensive but well worth it my option. Very stabile, smooth running and quiet. I would have liked a bit more information on using the console. This cross trainer is suitable for people of all sizes and ages. I'm thrilled with our purchase.

Cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer – excellent quality for your body in top shape

Elliptical cross trainers of cardiostrong are designed for sportsmen, who want to have the first choice, the best quality, a special comfort and highest functionality combined in one machine. You wish to lose weight, because the winter was long and the way to the sweets was much too short? The summer is just around the corner but will not wait until you take your time to go to gym and to get your beach body? Whether you wish to do more for your general fitness or strengthen your muscles with a special whole body training and prevent injuries - a cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer is the ideal machine to train your body sustainably and high efficiently in its total course of movement and to increase your physical wellbeing. You do not only train your leg muscles with an elliptical cross trainer. Torso and arms are also strengthened with the training on an elliptical cross trainer. Thus, the cardio improvement as well as weight reduction are more effective doing an elliptical cross trainer workout than with many other fitness machines. Find a varied equipment and an excellent quality at great prices with the models of cardiostrong - the reasons, whey they become more and more popular.

Cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer: get to know everything about the elliptical cross trainer winner

Cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX40 – Top design and perfect ergonomics

Effective cardio training with the cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX40
Cardio training with the EX40
Clear statement of fitness experts: in contrast to all other elliptical cross trainers, the cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX40 was first regarding the price-performance ratio in the fitness machine test of the Fit for Fun 12/2015; it convinced the jury by its wide range of functions and fascinating ergonomics. The EX40 became elliptical cross trainer test winner with 95,5% of the ETM-Testmagazin 08/2011 and barely missed the best possible rating. Top perfomance at outstanding price - beginners as well as advanced users get their money worth with the cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX40 as strong allrounder of modern design.

The cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX90 – outstanding technology for an especially smooth movement

Experience a revolutionary training with the cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX90. It convinces by its newly developed design and a high-quality workmanship, which allows a very comfortable and joint-gentle course of motio. In addition, the cardiostrong EX90 inspires by its individually adjustable stride length in order to adapt completely to the user. The EX90 is also very space-efficient and extremely loadable. Being the absolute premium model, the cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX90 is one of the best of its kind.
The cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX80 in use
In top shape with the EX80

The ideal fitness machine for a varied and comfortable cardio training - the cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX80

The most important quality features of an elliptical cross trainer is its stride length. Being rated as "very good" by the ETM-Magazin 12/2014, the cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX80 offers an individual stride length adjustment to adjust optimally to the different movement patterns of users. In addition, an innovative technology, high comfort, and a remarkable training variety characterize the EX80. Effective cardio training for long lasting fun to move - with the cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX80.

The cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX90 Plus for an innovative workout of top range

Being the first elliptical cross trainer with infinitely variable stride length, the cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX90 Plus allows a cardio workout of extraordinary training quality and special variety. Different running styles are simulated and training sessions can be optimally adapted to the user. Its futurist design makes the EX90 Plus a real eye catcher, that enriches every private gym. Being the Gold Award winner 2016/17 at the fitness trade fair ISPO as well as with a top rating of 92.3 % in the elliptical cross trainer test of the ETM Testmagazin 08/2015, the cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX90 Plus offers award-winning performances for highest expectations.

The best for your holistic fitness: cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer, exclusively at Sport-Tiedje!
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